** Family Website Links

Trevor is currently running his own Embroidery Educational website offering  Janome and other Embroidery Software Support on DVDs and webinars.

Andrea has returned to her hairdressing career and is NOW working from her Home Salon. You can reach her on FACEBOOK or through her BOOKING SITE.

Lyle has returned to the Transportation Industry where he is a logistics manager. He continues to provide Creative House with machine repair services from his home shop.

Carl continues to  provide custom digitizing services from his home office. He can be reached at emb@stitchitize.com

About Us

Creative House Sewing Center, which opened in 2003, was the third in Saskatoon sewing and embroidery related business owned by the Conquergood family. The other two, Broadway Embroidery & Clothing Co and Stitchitize Stock Designs had been serving the community since 1984. All three businesses operate conveniently from the same facility.

Originally the companies had a staff of over 20 people including the three Conquergood children, Trevor, Andrea and her husband Lyle and Carl**  who all managed the day-to-day operations of the three businesses until they each moved onto independent careers.

Wendy and George, with the help of their knowledgeable educators, run Creative House Sewing Centre. With over forty-five years of background in fashion textiles and manufacturing, George has a lot of experience when it comes to fabric, sewing and embroidery. George, with the assistance of Trevor runs Stitchitize and monitors the websites.

Wendy and George have decided to close the store until they can relocate it to a new location in Harris, Saskatchewan, a small Village 83kl South West of Saskatoon along Hwy #7 West of Delisle.  They have already moved their residence to Harris as well as the offices for their business. Everything is under one roof, albeit a fairly large roof, the beautifully renovated and restored 1925 Knox United Church is now Home to Wendy & George and their two very large dogs, Storm & Nicholas, plus the offices of Creative House and Stitchitize.

Although the Conquergoods  have closed the doors at 129 Ave I South in Saskatoon, The Online Store continues to function as usual. The Conquergoods are in the Saskatoon building several times a week and are happy to open up by appointment only until they complete relocating the business to  Harris, SK.

Contact George for an appointment by Phone: 306-241-2772 OR email: george@stitch.ca