Stitchitize Embroidery Collections

CD Collections
These Collections average 100 designs each (80 to 120 designs). Formally sold for $100.00 each Now On Sale for $69.99 each. Multi-formatted CD collections.

Heirloom Project Collections
These collections make projects which are "Labors-of-Love" and will become Family Heirlooms. Multi-formatted CD collections.

Janome Collections
These collections were produced for Janome and are only available in Janome formats.

Vol.1 CD Collection
Vol. 1 CD Collection includes the original 34 CDs produced by Stitchitize. This collection includes over 2800 beautiful embroidery designs. Multi-formatted CD.

Individual Design Coupon Collections
THE BEST CONSUMER VALUE. Each package contains a unique one-time-use Voucher Code. When entered on the Stitchitize website this CODE awards the appropriate number of Individual Design Coupons to the consumer's account. One Coupon = One Design

USA Spirit of '76
A collection of 576 Americana Designs including Portraits of all the Presidents, State Capital Buildings, Outlines, Flags, Flowers, Trees, Birds and Motto plus lots of US Patriotic designs.