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A Special Shipping & Handling Charge of $45.00 Canadian will be added at Check-Out, for a TOTAL COST of $195.00 Canadian (approximately $146.30 US)
Plus applicable Taxes for Canadian Residents ONLY.


As A Very Special Bonus Gifts!, You will receive a Voucher for 10 Individual Design Coupons from the Stitchitize website, also a Special Coupon allowing you to purchase any of the 59 CD Collections at 50% OFF from Stitchitize, however, since you would already have the Original 34 CDs, you may only want a couple of the remaining 25 CDs nevertheless you could always acquire them for 50% off. and the last Bonus is a Voucher for a Collection of 104 "Club Stitchitize" Designs currently selling for $ 3.00 each, that is $ 112.00 worth of designs for FREE. All of the Bonus designs and Coupons will be available in your Download Center 24/7 in most popular formats. However you do have to purchase the above "Special Exclusive Offer" which will be shipped to you by Creative House of Embroidery.

After receiving your package, you register on the Stitchitize website and claim the Vouchers that award the Bonuses.  All Designs and Coupons will then be in your Download Center on the Stitchitize website available 24/7 in most embroidery formats.