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Dear Valued Friends, Customers and Family,

As part of our downsizing and some very needed needed additions to our new location, we are having a Special Exclusive Offering as a fundraiser. 

Everything that we could not fit into the Harris property from the sale of our acreage and commercial building in Saskatoon is now in storage, a 40' sea can and 30' & 10' outside storage  lockers. We need to move all this to Harris sooner than later, but we need to build some storage facilities first.  

Please forward this email to all your embroidery friends around the world.

This offer is not available anywhere else in the embroidery world, not even on Stitchitize.   
It is Exclusive to Creative House of Embroidery.

The catalogue is 8.5" x 11" full colour spiral bound on 100 wt glossy paper with card stock covers. In addition to the multi formatted 2800+ Design CD, this offer also includes a U-Pick 10 (10 Individual Design Coupons ) 1 Coupon = 1 Design and a Special Coupon for 50% off the other 25 CD Collections that are not in the catalogue or on the CD.  These Coupons work through the Stitchitize website.  All this for $202.50 CAD including shipping. 

I promise, we will post some pics of the Church shortly.

If you are coming out Harris way, please remember to make an appointment with Wendy

Best regards,

Wendy & George Conquergood
Creative House of Embroidery