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Website Update

Dear Friends,

While self isolating, we have kept ourselves busy updating the graphics for the  WonderFil Thread Lines. Thanks to the efforts of WonderFil, we now have images that no longer require you to have shade cards to know exactly what a colour looks like. All of our thread lines have been updated with the exception of some colours of Splendor (40wt Rayon) for which we should have the remaining graphics some time in June. The images are so clear, it is like being in our store.

Please check them out!
Here is an example of the graphic quality you will see;
Tutti 09 - 50wt - 3ply variegated cotton, doubble gassed & mercerized
Tutti 50wt. 100% Cotton, colour 09Tutti colour 09 closer

A Little Bad News & Some Good News! 
WonderFil has announced a price increase of 15% effective June 1st., Tutti is currently $11.40 and will go up to $13.10.
We will hold our old price on all WonderFil threads until July 1st.
Place your orders NOW! We have restocked everything!

Just a reminder!, Creative House has a Special Exclusive Offer on a Stitchitize collection of 2800+ Designs MSRP US$1295.00 Our regular price $849.00 Canadian for..... $195.00 Canadian (including Shipping) with many extra Bonuses from Stitchitize. Limited Quantities Available !

In this unfortunate time of the covid-19 pandemic, we wish all our customers. friends and family to follow all the health guidelines to Stay Home, Stay Safe & Stay Healthy!

Please forward this email  to all your Sewing, Embroidery & Quilting friends. 
Thank You! We could certainly use the business!!!! 

Sincere best regards,
Wendy & George Conquergood
toll free NA 1-800-667-2587
local: 306-656-3475