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Some Very Special Bonus Gifts!

1) You will receive a Voucher Code that will award you 10 "Individual Design Coupons" that are good for ONE Design Eeach from over 10,000 Designs on the Stitchitize website.

2) You will also receive a "Special Coupon" allowing you to purchase any of the 59 CD Collections @ 50% OFF, However since you already purchased the Exclusive Offer, you would only need to look at the 25 CD Collections that you do not already have.  This multi use Special Coupon will remain in your account!

3) The final BONUS is a Collection of 100 "Stitchitize Designs" currently selling for $3.00 each, All for FREE.                                                    
After receiving your package from Creative House of Embroidery, you register on the Stitchitize website and claim the Vouchers that award the
Bonuses.  All Designs and Coupons will then be in your Download Center on  website, available 24/7 in most embroidery formats.